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A bit of background and what I hope for

Hi, there, thank you for showing interest in my work.

I started my career at 23, via a television network. I organized produced and presented talent shows, raised awareness for climate change before it was a thing, and tried to help strays. Like all young people, I was set to change the world, and the world would not change me.

I studied singing in London and Athens and worked in said countries, before moving to Denmark, in my forties.

I followed my curiosity about human nature, and my passions through music, psychology, reflexology, hospitality and tourism, fascia therapy, art via academic and non-academic routes.

I loved to communicate what I knew and found teaching to be a very satisfying occupation. Journalism and research were also something that inspired me. To share what we know, to exchange, with generosity, has always been one of my visions.

After my divorce, I blogged my professional and personal troubles away, actively raising awareness on sexual misconduct, sexual harassment at work, in a country that was patriarchal and sexist. I was published twice and was offered several positions in magazines and sites.

I dabbled with event planning, a position offered by my teacher in sign language, which combined all my creative resources and I loved it.

When the crisis hit Greece, I said goodbye to my friends, my home, my life and started over.

Upon coming to Denmark, I became a lecturer/ teacher and continued my career in voice acting and writing. I worked for North Media, published many books, namely with Lindhardt and Ringhof, and sold some paintings in passing.

I am involved with Blessing bags Copenhagen for the homeless, created events for the Blind society of Denmark, and the Deaf Society in Greece. During the COVID-19 crisis, I teamed up with Nicki Just, to bring the news in audio podcasts for the ex-pats in Denmark (recorded on my phone) in 3 languages.

I administer several groups and pages on Facebook and I long to seek my teeth into something new to learn and accomplish, I am bored out of my wits, and I am open to offers.

I also am tired of freelancing, as you can imagine.

This site serves as a partial portfolio and CV, you can press on the buttons below to see more of each role,

or scroll and explore this site.

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