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Updated: Sep 1

the wisdom and the liquid precious essence of my life's experiences. The problem is, I am still building this site, and I did not get around to start blogging here, because I have been blogging here, and here, and working here, and there. I used the majority of our collective confinement towards creating sites for my activities and it has been a painfully slow process ( not to mention boring sometimes. It is more interesting to talk and write about something we discover together than write about things I have known forever, talked, and wrote about forever).

But I will come here, and talk about creative writing, how to get unstuck, how to build characters, how to create catalysts, conflicts, and how to bring your reader in your world. I will tell you my process to find the perfect advertising pitch, imagining that voice saying it, in your head. How to peel what all people want, deep down inside, and how to connect these 4-5 basic needs with a product. How to recognize what the needs are in your targeted market. How to think outside in, but also formulate from the inside out. And many many other things that you may find interesting, or incredibly boring. Either way, I will post them, but in due time. And do the Seo. And remember to eat :)

See you soon


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