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I started my career at 23, via a television network. I organized produced and presented talent shows, raised awareness for climate change before it was a thing, and tried to help strays.

I studied singing in London and Athens and worked in said countries, and  Denmark. I studied music,  psychology but dropped out, then reflexology, then hospitality and tourism but found my bliss with fascia therapy a technique that freed me from pain after 2 years of back problems.

I blogged my professional and personal troubles away after my divorce, actively raising awareness on sexual misconduct, sexual harassment at work, and my blog was a beacon that opened a door to journalism. I was offered several positions as a researcher and columnist for several magazines and sites. Making a loop in my media training. I was published twice.

I dabbled with event planning, which combined all my creative resources and I loved it. 

Upon coming to Denmark I became a lecturer/ teacher and continued my career in voice acting, and writing. I worked for North Media, published several books, namely with Lindhardt and Ringhof, and sold some paintings in passing.

I never really studied in a school for my craft, I was just passionate, inquisitive, willing to learn, and not afraid to start over.  

I am involved with Blessing bags Copenhagen for the homeless, created events for the Blind society of Denmark, and the Deaf Society in Greece. During the COVID-19 crisis, I teamed up with Nicki Just to bring news in audio (recorded on my phone) in 3 languages to ex-pats in Denmark.

I administer several groups and pages on Facebook and I long to seek my teeth into something new to learn and accomplish, I am bored out of my wits and am open to offers.

This site serves as a partial portfolio and CV, you can press on the buttons below to see more of each role, 

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Past Experience

Past Roles


I started a blog in 2005 for my own pleasure in Greece. This led to a job in several magazines online and on paper until 2011, and my blog was picked up by a publishing company. From 2006 till 2010 I also worked as a subtitle editor. In 2012, I moved to Denmark and freelanced as a voice artist and writer in English (copy-writer, article writer, content writer). I wrote scripts for clients, for their sites, their videos, and their apps. In 2017, I was hired by a danish paper, to write in English a weekly column, till 2018. In 2019, I started a new venture with Saga Egmont as a freelance novelist.


Teacher and Tutor

I taught French to adults from 1992 until the present day. In 2012, I was hired to a French- Danish school during the Christmas period and until the summer. Since then, I have substituted for 3 months at a time on average, in several schools as a French or English teacher. I do not have a teaching university diploma. I also tutor Art and have workshop on vocal positioning,  correct accent and pronunciation, projection of voice but also art (shading, techniques, realism etc)


I studied singing and made a living from it, from 1993 till 2015. This and a brief passage  at the theater led to a natural evolution of voice-overs in 2010, in French, Greek, and English. I have worked for Duolingo, The Eurovision contest, Toyota, Leo Pharma, Lego, Novo Nordisk, Ganni,Calm, MovieStar planet, The Greek telecommunications company and many more, always combining my copywriting  skills when needed.


My first professional work experience was to create artwork for Full Moon Tattoo in Greece, from 1999 until 2004. I would draw commissions here and there, illustrate a few books.
In 2017, I started teaching art and selling paintings on a regular basis.

TV producer, presenter, Event planning, project managing, service and tourism

I produced, organized and executed the planning of 3 TV shows, presented them and ran live interviews. Interviewed Queen, Sarah Jane Morris and more. Created, organized a concert for Deaf singer rapper Signmark for Act in 2010, conceptualized, organized a live recording of an audiobook for the Danish association of the blind. I have a yearly event for the homeless (gathering, triage, packaging, organizing volunteers)@blessingbagscph. I work as an agent for my voice company and before COVID-19, as a fascia therapist.

Non profit work

Homeless yearly event @Blessing bags Copenhagen.

Free drawing lessons weekly event.

Administration and information at The French of/in Copenhagen Facebook group.


Knowledge & Expertise

Customer Support Agent
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Customer Service


Project Management


French Fluency


Greek Fluency


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English Fluency




Audio engineering


Procreate, Photoshop


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(some) Books and articles 

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